Fast Forward: Preparing for the Decade Ahead

On Thursday 22.02, Greenman Investments CEO John Wilkinson; the Head of Investor Team, David O'Meara; and Head of Marketing, Catherine Choo presented the company's 10-year plans for its open-ended fund structure Greenman Open and its predictions for the coming decade with regards to economic, geopolitical and technological advancements.

Over 200 members of the Dublin and German business community were treated to an interesting panel discussion on what the future will bring for the finance, tech and investment market sectors with topics ranging from rising interest rates to the disruption of big data and technology.

The panelists, Tadhg O'Suilleabhain, Head of Credit Risk, AvantCard; Kay Hofmann, Managing Partner, Acxit Capital Partners (Frankfurt), Michael Cocoman, International Regulatory Lead, Stripe; and John O'Dwyer, Head of Digital Investments and Innovation at AIB, were led through a range of topics by the moderator, Neil O'Keeffe, partner at LK Shields, giving insight into the major trends and challenges that they see for their sectors over the next 10 years.

The effect of technology and digitization on banking and lending, as well as real estate led to bold predictions on how these services will be offered and consumed and whether the cost of doing business will be reduced.  "If you have more transparency on information and data (through Blockchain), it should allow you to price risk better and therefore it has an obvious impact on financial services" said John O'Dwyer.

The panel also touched on recent developments in tech and finance hubs and underlined the rise of the German cities Berlin and Frankfurt, as compared to Dublin and London. "Infrastructure, technology and cost of living could determine a city’s competitiveness in the talent race", noted Mr. Cocoman. While Dublin will struggle with competitiveness and the cost of living, Frankfurt, according to Mr Hofmann is doing very favourably out of Brexit.

The event was a "clear statement on Greenman's vision of what we want to achieve and how we are interacting with the environment to achieve it", shared Greenman's CEO John Wilkinson.