We are committed to reporting to investors in an open and transparent manner.


Transparency is a key constituent of Greenman's investment philosophy and we are committed to providing investors with information about their investment in a manner which is accurate, timely, easily understandable and consistent.


Greenman shall make available to each investor, a detailed annual report which is fully compliant with AIFMD Article 104, level 2 and Article 22 level 2 within 6 months of the SIF's financial year end.


To each investor Greenman will issue a letter detailing the amount and terms of their latest distribution, in a format which is described in the compartment's offering document, clearly detailing any action required by the investor.

Broker Infocentre

Brokers have access via this website to information about their client's investment including:

  • information about their investment and any specific agreements made during the subscription process
  • the current risk profile of the compartment and any relevant risk management systems employed to manage the risks associated with the compartment
  • a document library with copies of correspondence
  • a table showing details of any distributions, partial redemptions and any other returns
  • the value of their investment based upon the NAV as calculated in the latest available annual report

From time to time Greenman will distribute, by email, short summaries informing investors of milestones reached by the compartment in which they have invested.