Regular interactionwith our tenants enables us to cultivate, manage and maintain strong relationships with them.

Our Market Knowledge

Combined Deal Volume Reviewed (€/bn)

Number of deals reviewed: 215

No. of portfolio deals: 33

Combined volume of properties reviewed: 5.51 billion

Combined average asking price (€/sqm let area) per property reviewed: €1,663

Combined annual rent (€/m)

Combined let area per property reviewed (sqm/m): 3.350

Combined average let area per property reviewed: 12,222 sqm

Combined average rent (€/m2/mth) per property reviewed: €10.23

Average Factor (years)

Combined average asking factor (on passing rent): 13.46

Highest asking factor (on passing rent): 16.80

Combined average initial yield (on combined passing rent): 7.4%

Unlike other investment managers we provide both asset and property management services to the Funds. This ensures we have continuing and regular interaction with our tenants enabling us to develop, manage and maintain strong relationships with our tenants’ local and senior managers and decision makers. The data we collect from operating the Portfolio, in combination with information supplied to us from third parties, provides an invaluable proprietary data bank, which we use when conducting due diligence on potential assets.
Benefits from being an Owner Manager include:
  • 360o view of Centre and tenant performance
  • long lasting tenant relationships
  • recognition by tenants and vendors as specialist operators
  • early market and retail trend indicators
  • control and oversight over all operational processes
  • valuable property data