We only acquire one asset type;  German food dominated retail parks, hybrid centres, Fachmarktzentrum and retail warehousing.

Our Asset Class – Key Facts

We only acquire one asset type, German food dominated retail parks, hybrid centres, food retail warehousing, medium and large standalone retail markets and large “fachmarktzentren” (the “Centres”). Typically the Centres are located in suburban areas, are constructed to specifications determined by the tenants who occupy them, are frequently visited by local consumers to purchase essential items and transact at yields materially higher than shopping centres or high street properties. As we only acquire one asset all our operational procedures and management capacity have been developed specifically for the successful operation of the Centres.

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Some of the Centre’s operational benefits include:
  • highly creditworthy tenants
  • tenant mix dominated by Germany’s largest food retailers
  • long WARLTs
  • high/full occupancy rates
  • ease of management (relative to shopping centres)
  • low cost of operation (relative to shopping centres)
  • planning restrictions limiting nearby competition