Premier Benchmark Property Ltd., t/a Greenman Investments ("Greenman") has implemented an appropriate compliance policy which is compliant with their legal and regulatory requirements. Greenman's CCO is directly responsible for their regulatory and legal compliance function as well as the regulatory and legal compliance of the SIF.


Greenman has a permanent risk management function. It is functionally and hierarchically separate from Greenman's other business units. It is led by Greenman's CRO, a member of the senior management team who has the necessary authority and reports to Greenman's board at least quarterly. The CRO has designed and implemented a comprehensive Risk Management Policy (the "Risk Policy").


Greenman has established an effective conflicts of interest policy (the "Conflicts Policy"). The Conflicts Policy pays particular attention to: the selection of the SIFs counterparties; the monitoring of the relationship between Greenman and its counterparties; and, identifying the circumstances which may give rise to a conflict damaging the interests of the SIF; its compartments; and, the interests of investors in those compartments.


Greenman has established an efficient complaints policy (the "Complaints Policy"). The Complaints Policy is designed to ensure that all complaints are dealt with fairly and promptly in a courteous and professional manner. All complaints will be acknowledged within 5 days of their receipt and a full response will be issued to the complainant within 20 working days of the acknowledgement.